Empowering the Storage World Reshape Digital Civilization

White Paper


HDVC (Hash Data value correction) is A decentralized hyperchain distributed storage data intelligent value positioning platform based on the underlying architecture of the IPFS interstellar file system. The platform links global interstellar nodes through a distributed storage system. HDVC will use idle storage resources around the world to form a collaborative, decentralized data traceability, To carry out effective information resources for correct pricing.

Transparent transaction

Network resource sharing business services have become transparent and credible. Participants can achieve decentralized peer-to-peer transactions, and users have long-term idle network resources to realize further opportunities for monetization.

Optimize global resource allocation

Through distributed nodes all over the world, users can use digital assets to freely purchase various network services and shared resources, and the global network resource configuration is optimized.

Improve IoT efficiency

HDVC uses advanced decentralization and artificial intelligence technology to enable the intelligent Internet of Things to provide services to the market with higher efficiency and safer safeguards.

Strengthen global business ecosystem

HDVC will bring disruptive changes to the existing business service system. All the entities existing in this industry chain will benefit from it, and the global digital economy business ecosystem will be more complete.


Distributed structure

The HDVC Smart Business Platform Is Based On The Open Source And Decentralized Protocol Determined By The Blockchain Ethereum Smart Contract Technology Development System, And Builds A Distributed Junction System That Allows The Value Exchange Information To Be Distributed To All Network To Achieve Distributed Storage.


Through CREM's unique transaction model, corresponding contribution acquisition behaviors and feedback mechanism definitions are made for various resource contribution behaviors, so that the efficiency of resource invocation and distribution remains stable and efficient. At the same time, the MAP (Mining Application Protocol) protocol is used to regulate the output of HDVC.

Decentralized autonomy

The HDVC intelligent business platform introduces a decentralized autonomy mechanism, which is independent of the current system constraints or endorsement by third-party institutions, and both parties directly realize value delivery.

Tamper-proof database

The HDVC intelligent business platform allows multiple parties to process a shared distributed database. Just like Bitcoin transactions on the blockchain, the information maintained in the HDVC database is immutable and cannot be tampered with. No one, including database participants, can delete, destroy, or tamper with their historical information.

Traceability system

The HDVC intelligent business platform has a traceable nature, and can complete the system of data tracking of user behavior or credit reporting system in forward, reverse or non-directional tracking.

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